The Melrose Bellow


Tongue & Groove


The Melrose Bellow

bel·low: a deep roaring shout or sound.


Saturday November 12

8pm (round 2)

Sal’s Restaurant

7356 Melrose Ave, 90048


Featuring: Jack Grapes, Derrick Brown, David Huntsberger (animation)

and music by Erin and Melissa

The Melrose Bellow is a for fun and for free literary fest of 15 presenters!

Poets, Storytellers, Comedians, Fiction Writers and Musicians: will offer a dynamic and entertaining evening of a taste at what makes this great city a literary force. Some participants include: Rant & Rave, Da Poetry Lounge, The Groundlings, Story Salon.

See the full lineup here.

At 5pm to attend a FREE rubber block carving workshop and walk away with some art. Class size is limited to 18!

Take a look here.

Or sign up at 6:30 for an open mic at the Standup Bus.

Where? On a four-block stretch of Melrose Avenue from Poinsettia Place to Gardner Street.

The Bellow will happen at a variety of locations consisting of an art gallery, a tattoo parlor, a theatre space, an eyewear shop etc.

Check the site for info on where to park and bring a crowd with you.



Support for this program was graciously provided through the City of Los Angeles Arts Development Fee Program, Department of Cultural Affairs, the Office of Los Angeles City Councilmember Koretz, and the Melrose BID.

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